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Exotic Spiders as in the name, we mainly deal with spiders, but not only, we got a lot more! We invite you to go through our entire range on our website, we are sure that you will definitely find something for yourself. You can also meet us at different shows in Europe for example – Hamm, Weinstadt, Houten or Verona.

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about me

I’m Dawid I have been keeping and breeding tarantulas since 2006.
In the first place I focus on the purity of the species, so I make sure that every spider that potentially goes to your home will be the one you dream of.

My other passion is traveling, that’s why since a few years I connecting this passion with spiders, and every year I go on a backpacking trip to see how individual species live in the wild. I already visited – Thailand, Borneo, Vietnam and Malaysia for a few times.
 Welcome to mine and now also your spiders world!

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