Chilobrachys natanicharum (Electric Blue) (2cm) 1-2 Moult.


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Quite popular among hobbyists in the USA and Europe for a few years now, Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue is yet another Chilobrachys species taking the spotlight. Bright iridescent hues of violet and electric blue radiate from the front legs of this species from quite small already, which are said only to improve and become more vibrant as the spider grows. Except for the vibrant blue on the front two pairs of legs,pedipalps and fangs, the rest of the Thailand Electric Blue is a mix of dull brown and grey much like any other Chilobrachys species.

Latin name: Chilobrachys sp. “Electric Blue”
Orgin: Thailand
Humidity: 80%
Temperature: 27C
Lifestyle: Fussorial/Terrestial
Legspan: 20cm
Source: CB
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