Grammostola pulchra (2cm) 1-2 moult.


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The Grammostola Pulchra also known as the Brazilian Black Tarantula is another recommend choice for beginner hobbyist. These spiders native to as you can already guess, Brazil and also Uruguay. In Brazil the weather can be pretty much summarized as a tropical and wet climate. There is pretty much little to no dry seasons, and it is mostly wet for most of the time. The Grammostola Pulchra, is a very terrestrial type of tarantula and also an opportunistic burrower. Barks are highly recommend for these species of tarantulas along with at least three inches of substrate. As far as the temperature goes, I would keep the Grammostola Pulchra in Temperature ranging from between 65° – 78° F. When it comes to humidity, a 55% – 65% range is recommend. A fun thing to observe with a Grammostola Pulchra is that it is a very aggressive eater. In fact, an adult Brazilian Black has been observed to eat about 7 adult crickets every week! As for a spiderling I would feed them fruit flies until they are about 1/2″ and inch. Then introduce baby crickets into their diet. Keep a water dish in the terrarium, although I rarely see it drink from the dish. All in all, the Grammostola Pulchra is a very laid back species that is prized for its beautiful black and velvet look. It is truly a species of tarantula that is a sight to behold, especially after a molt.

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