Harpactira pulchripes (2cm)


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Harpactira pulchripes is a bright yellow bodied and metallic blue legged tarantula found in South Africa. It is a very highly desired tarantula in the European and American tarantula keeping hobby.

The Golden Blue Leg Baboon Tarantula. Found in only a small area in and around Grahamstown, South Africa, no specimens have yet been reported or discovered in other areas to our knowledge as yet. News soon spread about this beautiful tarantula and before long, dodgy individuals made it their task to harvest as many as possible of these from the wild and were soon to be seen in collections in both Europe and the Americas, now the world over.

The stunning beauty of this baboon tarantula is all to do with why hobbyists the world over simply had to have them. Beautiful colors ranging from blacks, dark and light browns, to orange and gold with the typical black markings found on the carapace and abdomen of baboon spiders. All these tones are highlighted and accentuated by the silvery ash blue legs that have made this tarantula world famous.

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