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Pterinopelma sazimai (1cm)

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Another beautiful tarantula from South America. Found in the Bahia, Minas Gerais and Chapada Diamantina areas of Brazil (currently) this stunning blue tarantula is also gaining a lot of popularity with hobbyists around the world. They look black at first with reddish hairs/setae on their abdomen, but with some added light, the blue comes shining through.

The territory they are found in is reportedly quite harsh, getting very cold in the winter nights and very hot on summer days, which the tarantula will self regulate with it’s opportunistic burrowing behaviour These tarantulas have also displayed some arboreal traits so provide a lot of structure in your enclosures with a decent amount of substrate to allow for burrowing if they choose to.

2 reviews for Pterinopelma sazimai (1cm)

  1. Li

    Very tiny spiderlings. They do pretty good in their new enclosures, both of them made a cute burrow and they are up all night.
    I cannot wait until they grow.
    Good service, packed with care!

  2. Svg17

    Got this sling as a freebie 🙂 , he was in a good package and it is one of my favorites!
    (and fast as well 😉 ) Can’t want till the time that he/she is a beautiful Brazilian Blue

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